Howdy Fellow Brown-Coatzzzz-

So my office is pretty cleaned out. Bare walls. Old memos in the trash. It’s sad. But you know the great thing about the FIREFLY spirit…Sorta not in my office, or even on our stages, it’s in evidence in every episode we accomplished. And they were accomplishments. I’m so proud of all the work our cast & crew did on this show, more importantly I have never worked with a better bunch of folks. These people are my family, and the nice thing about this biz is that it is so small that chances are we will be together again…

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my weblog, with ideas, antidotes and encouragement…people like Jim Stirtz “ Grip extraordinare”… to Elyse “Ms. Allen” Ramsdell for her humor and co-anchoring of Crafts Corner…Also to Caroline for underappreciated hard work and dedication (and for loving Coffee Bean so much)- I want to thank Skip for sharing his monkey ordeal, I want to thank the guys at (Kyle, Paul & Adam) for doing an awesome job with the site— I need to give a big “thank you!!!” to Nate, Gina, Adam, Sean, Summer, Morena, Jewel, Ron and Alan…the best cast I will ever have the pleasure of knowing…big shout-out and thanks to Mr. Minear & Mr. Whedon for dreaming up an incredible show. And to Carey, Dave K., Shawna, Colin, Stella, Keith, Jain S., Loni, Bubba, Reggie, Allen, Athena, Jana, Camille, Mary Kay, Diana “Weezie” Acrey, David Y., Bruce M., David B. and Steve F.-thank you for getting the job done (and done with creativity and flair) week after week…and also to the hardest working PA’s N-E-Where, Tyson, Corey and Amanda- you rock!!

Folks are off to take some time to enjoy the holidays, see their families…more importantly they will be gathering around the cozy warm TV sets and tuning into the event that started it all. “Serenity,” the long awaited pilot- fresh with new scenes and raging CGI…it’s more fun than the crowded malls, and who really wants to wait in line for 2 hours to see Lord of the Rings on a Friday night, not this dork (plus there was the whole midnight showing on the 17th )- but “Serenity” is well worth the wait.

We had a holiday/wrap dinner the other night. At which, I prodded Joss into making a toast. He told the whole room that there is no other piece of work that he, “ is more proud of.”

Neither are we.

Here’s to a SHINY holiday season and new year,

Kyle’s Thanks: To my partners-in-crime Paul and Adam for helping me keep this site going full-speed ahead. To Kelly, for a consistently awesome blog, and for her tireless efforts to make sure we were able to get the access we needed. To Chris Buchanan, for his unending support of our “let’s make this site a fansite” concept. To Joss Whedon and Tim Minear for being so damn cool about everything. To Jane Espenson and Jose Molina for their fantastic essays. To Stella for being our art dept. “spy on the inside.” To the entire cast and crew for their insane cooperation and participation (video interviews, guest blogs, web ads, message board posts, the list goes on and on). To TheSkinwalkeR for his tireless efforts. To the web fans (most of all!) for supporting us, and allowing an official site to let its hair down.

— FOX Broadcasting Company: Firefly: Kelly’s Weblog, December 19th, 2002

Ten Years Ago, On The Buffista Forums

Joss Whedon, December 12, 2002, 12:19 PM

Hi. Forgot to mention that USA today was printing the famous exaggerated reports of our death. Pay it no heed. We’re still flying.

Could use a catalyser, though…
Joss Whedon, December 13, 2002, 4:49 AM
Four AM. Can’t sleep. Who’d have thought?

There’s a couple of things I’d like to say. And a few things I really can’t. First of all, I’m prouder of this show and the people I worked with on it than I can express in words, monkey noises, or hyroglyphics. I believe this has been some fairly great TV. And the experience of making it… I’ve had crew members who’ve been working for 20 years say they’ve never worked around such excitement, support and love. You walk on that set, you’re transported. The cast: 9 count ‘em 9 incredibly talented actors who are all decent, wonderful people. This phenomenon cannot be explained by science.

Second of all, don’t think for a second that I have given up on this show. I think it has been mistreated shamefully, but the Fox network has indicated that they would not stand in the way (which they can) of my finding a new home for the show. That’s no easy prospect. But I will do everything in my power, as always, to keep this bird in the air. Of course I’ll post if there’s any news.

But even if the show goes back up elsewhere, I’m going to lose a good portion of my crew. Production will halt, they’ll need to find new jobs. You can’t imagine how that feels. How much they brought to the table, how hard and well they worked. And their Christmas bonus is this. As much as the cast, the staff, and my not so secret lover Minear, I honor those guys, and hope to get them back on board.

So for now, I proudly take my place beside Profit, The Ben Stiller Show, the Tick, and Action. But I won’t rest until I’ve found safe harbour (no, not the Gregory Harrison show) for this vessel.

I’ve got the time.

It ain’t like I’m sleeping.

We are adding a few polishing details on Drew Greenberg’s Episode “Safe”—the magical powers that be discovered that they wanted more about Simon and River’s childhood. Know what that means for the serfs in production? Yep… we are in a mad dash to add those scenes (cast, find sets, wardrobe…blah, blah)…we might even get to see “younger” versions of Sean and Summer…what color are Sean’s eyes anyway? Anyone? Blue…right?
— FOX Broadcasting Company: Firefly: Kelly’s Weblog, October 15th, 2002


Last week I got to see a rough cut of Firefly: Browncoats Unite, airing November 11 on Science Channel. Without detailing it — you’re just going to watch it, right? — let’s just say that after a bit of a scattered start, it eventually becomes an hour special that I suspect fans will wish were more like an hour and a half, at least.

Drawn primarily from the public panel and the backstage roundtable which were conducted during San Diego Comic-Con (it does not include the panel from New York Comic Con, although you can watch that online), you will in fact also get to hear from cast members who had not been able to attend SDCC..

Don’t forget that in the meantime, Science Channel is seeking your promotional tweets to unlock a series of clips from the roundtable discussion that will not be included in the special, with a new clip unlocked for every 5,000 tweets.

Firefly: Browncoats Unite airs November 11 at 10PM Eastern and Pacific, following an all-day Firefly marathon beginning at 7AM Eastern and Pacific.